There are many of us out there, we are all ages and we have one thing in common… we don’t have THE job.  What is THE job? You know, that stuff you studied in college that you found super interesting (or you thought would make you a lot of money) and those jobs you find on indeed or monster.com that are perfect but you need 10 years experience…. That is THE job.

I’ve been out of college for three years now.  I’m still working at my part time college job (basically unemployed) at the local mall and I still live in my parents basement.  I’m not looking for any pity here, what I am looking to do is to tell you what I have been through since graduation and what I go through as I search for a job I can be proud of.

I am Allison, The Unemployed College Graduate, welcome to my world!


One thought on “About

  1. Keep plugging along…you may not find that really perfect job, but you can be proud of everything you have accomplished. No one can ever take your degree away from you, now you may have to become really creative to find what job will fulfill you. Try random things. Have faith in yourself.

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