I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Allison.  I was the only child raised by my middle-class parents in a small New Jersey town.  My parents didn’t go to college.  My father is a carpenter and my mother is an administrators assistant.  I’d say neither of them love their current job and I can’t remember either of them saying how much they loved any of the jobs they had while I was growing up.

When I  graduated high school I had been accepted to the only two colleges I applied for.  They were both private schools in New York City. Each somewhere around 35,000 dollars per year (which middle class parents can’t afford even with just one child).  The only aspirations I had at 18 were to be a model, hence college in NYC.  My parents eventually bribed me into going to the local community college and in return I got to move into the basement apartment.  It really did make the most sense.  I didn’t have to take out a loan and honestly I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life (modeling wasn’t quite working out).

I finished community college in two and a half years not realizing you need five classes per semester in order to graduate on time (like I said, my parents never went to college and I never put two and two together).  While I was there, I was inspired by one of my professor’s, Bick Treut to pursue communications.  The only problem with that was at Rutgers University, where I got my bachelors degree, they don’t have communications!  After a  discussion with Steve Miller from the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers, I decided to major in Journalism and Media Studies.  That being said, I don’t know that journalism is something I will ever pursue however media is an entirely different story.  I finished school in December of 2010 and graduated with the class of 2011 from SCI.

I have avoided writing a blog because I was worried people would be disappointed with my writing skills since I am a journalism major after all. I also had no idea what to write about.  After missing out on internships because I put my retail job ahead of school, putting my college boyfriends career aspirations in front of mine, moving out of my parents house just to move back a few months later, and falling into a minor depression, I think it is worth something to share these experiences.  I know someone will relate.

I refer to most of this craziness as my quarter life crisis.